An Introduction:

If you could rewind the hands of time or knew then what you now know, would you avoid making the mistakes that hurt others and ruined your own life in the process? For me, the answer is yes.

Thank you for logging on to my website. My full name is Ike Monta Crawford. My family, supporters and I established this as a forum to tell my story. Our mission is to link my unfortunate story into the larger conversation about bullying, childhood stuttering, being made fun of, low self esteem, being a product of a problematic environment, and the traumatic effects these things have on a teenage mind. Our vision is to share the contents of this website in hopes of finding the help needed to win a second chance at freedom

JLWOP speak: In other words, juvenile lifer without parole speak. I was a juvenile 22 years ago when the tragic circumstances occurred that landed me in a maximum security prison with life without parole. What is a teenager to do when the wheels in his young life turn for the worse? Redemption in my life entailed: falling down, taking responsibility for the poor choices I made, learning from my mistakes, having genuine remorse for wrongs committed, brushing myself off, and moving forward as a better and wiser person.

Please review the contents of this website thoroughly. Talk about and share my story with others. In case you are wondering, “What is his story?” click the link Ike’s Story, and let me tell you.

Thank you,

Ike Crawford



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